Pros And Cons Oil Business

We make use of crude oil in so many walks of life. It has become a primary substance of use because it is used to generate power, providing heat and also provides fuel for billions of cars all around the planet. I feel that life would have been very primitive and completely different if it weren’t for the discovery of oil energy. Oil energy is one of the most used and necessary forces on planet earth. No other energy comes close to how efficient and popular. Water energy, wind energy and nuclear energy are amazing second options, but, oil energy is used almost everywhere. It is estimated that, with the current pace of use, oil and energy will be exhausted in the next 45 to 50 years. So I guess we have half a century to decide or come up with another alternative to oil energy. In this guide, I will be talking about the pros and cons of oil businesses and oil in general.

Here are some pros to start off with.

Crude oil is always readily available. Although crude oil has become a finite source, it is still readily available and billions of people use it. It is one of the most needed and used forms of energy along with natural gas and coal as well. There also exists a proper global infrastructure which supports and requires oil extraction, refining and transportation. After the refining process is done, oil is then sold. Since oil is readily available, it happens to be a cheap solution when it comes to meeting the global energy requirements. The world needs to run and the world is not ready to wait for renewable options. The world is behind oil energy and coal and it seems that a lot of companies do not care about destroying the environment. There are a lot of companies like Apple. Inc that are running on 100% renewable energy. I feel that we need to try and catch up with companies like Apple.

Oil Business

I understand that oil is highly versatile and has so many amazing uses. I urge you to use it responsibly. It also has a high energy density. It can be stored very easily. One of the other pros that I would like to mention is that oil energy can be constant.

Some cons of oil energy

Oil energy has been known to produce some horrible toxic gases into the environment, which has led to the destruction of clean air and a complete downfall of healthy ecosystems. Oil energy produces greenhouse gases and, that contributes to climate change. Oil leaks have been devastating when we are talking about the disgusting effect that it has had on oceans and seas. Millions of creatures have died because of oil spills. Finally, oil energy is nonrenewable. It means that there is a finite amount of oil left in the planet. We need to find an alternative as soon as possible.