The Pros And Cons Of Mining

Mining is famously known as the extraction of valuable minerals or even other geological materials from the earth which are usually in or form. The deposit form mineralised kind of package which is very economical in nature and it draws the interest to a lot of minors and the market as well. The owners which are recovered by the miners include coal, oil shale, gemstones, limestone, rock salt, gravel, dimension stone, metals and more. Mining is fundamentally required when it comes to opening any material that cannot actually be grown with the help of agricultural processes or even artificially created in a laboratory or a factory. Mining includes the extraction of nonrenewable resources from the earth, and this includes petroleum, natural gas or even water, in a lot of cases.

Mining Activity

Mining is an activity that involves the extraction of valuable materials from the surface of the earth and sometimes it can go deeper as well. Mining can either be surface mining or even underground mining. Mining is not only beneficial to the surrounding community and the public but it also poses a lot of risks when it comes to the community. In this list, I will be talking about some pros and cons of mining.

Here are some pros when it comes to mining.

Mining has been known to create jobs. The mining process results in the creation of thousands of opportunities for local people and it also attracts a lot of professionals in the particular markets. Mining process results in the rise of all kinds of business activities and also a skyrocketing change in the per capita income. This, in turn, results in a greater human development index which is caused because of life expectancy and per capita income. Mining also accounts for exportation purposes which results in enormous earnings to people who are working in mines and this boosts the financial sector. Mining activities also result in the proper extraction of oil, gas, iron ores, coal and other raw materials which provide energy.

Cons of mining

Here are some cons of mining.

Mining is one of the major reasons for water pollution. It results in the contamination of the soil and it completely destroys the groundwater because of the chemicals which are used in mining zones. The contaminated groundwater sometimes flows into rivers and lakes and kills most of aquatic life and contaminates the water, rendering it useless to human beings and other living creatures. Mining has also been one of the biggest reasons for deforestation. Mining in certain areas leads to the destruction of trees and forests. The clearing of trees contributes to climate change. Thousands of species of animals have lost their homes because of mining activities. Mining also contributes to landslides. Improper and illegal mining can result in natural calamities like landslides and floods, which leads to the death of people and animals.