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Toodoggone Property Synopsis

The Company has been working in the area since 1997, principally focused on the Pine-Tree-Fin porphyry prospects in the Finlay River valley. In 2002, a new directive was undertaken and a regional research program was conducted, which was followed by two large-scale staking programs. In 2003, the Company participated in a multi-parameter regional airborne survey conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada. In 2004 and 2005 the company conducted extensive exploration programs, which resulted in:

• a database of 25,000 rock, soil and drill core samples all fire assayed
• airborne multi-parameter geophysics over a 1,800 square kilometre area
• a database of 2,000 PIMA samples of alteration assemblages
• IP with Mag geophysics on certain properties
• geological mapping over a large previously unmapped area
• developed a genetic model that links the epithermal systems
to underlying intrusive activity on a district scale

This large-scale program resulted in Stealth's control over a geologically prospective mineral district that has numerous high-quality undrilled mineral prospects. Stealth spun out about 1/3rd of the land position for a 58% equity interest in newly created Cascadero Copper. Cascadero also has several properties of merit, two of which will be core drilled this summer.

This enabled the Company to identify twelve areas to focus on. The properties offer the potential for discovery of copper-gold, silver-gold and silver bulk tonnage and high-grade gold and gold-silver vein deposits. In addition, some of the properties have multiple exploration targets, so the twelve properties host 26 exploration targets. The claimed area has potential for further discoveries. All claims are 100% owned by Stealth but certain claims are subject to an NSR.

The Company has 92,475,271 shares issued. Stealth is a founding shareholder of Argentine Frontier Resources Inc and Cascadero Copper.


Property 1: MacNamara (4,606 has)
o Gold and silver in breccia and stockwork
o Volcanic hosted disseminated silver
o Intrusive copper-gold porphyry
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 2: Breccia-Regal (10,050 has)
o Volcanic hosted gold and silver veins
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 3: Junkers Creek (347 has)
o Volcanic hosted disseminated gold-pyrite
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 4: Gordo (10,444 has)
o Volcanic hosted gold veins
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 5: Louis (3,939 has)
o Volcanic hosted gold-silver epithermal veins
o Intrusive porphyry copper-gold
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 6: Dana (175 has)
o Possible extension of gold-silver veins north of the Golden Stranger
o Potential copper-gold porphyry target at depth
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 7: Swan (5,624 has)
o Volcanic hosted copper breccia
o Volcanic hosted gold vein
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 8: Sam (1,849 has)
o Volcanic hosted gold-silver veins
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 9: Sickle-Sofia (9,077 has)
o Sofia copper-gold porphyry
o North Vein high-grade gold-silver low-sulphidation veins
o Quartz Lake high-grade gold-silver low-sulphidation veins
o Alexandra volcanic hosted copper-gold
o BS Zone high-grade volcanic hosted gold
o Alunite Ridge volcanic hosted gold
o Griz Vein Massive sulphide Au-Ag-Pb-Zn
o Certain claims are subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 10: Nub Mountain (8,609 has)
o Pine West copper-gold porphyry
o Northwest Breccia volcanic hosted gold-silver
o JO Zone volcanic hosted gold
o PSQ Zone high-level silver with porphyry potential
o Certain claims are subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 11: Paula (6,484 has)
o Volcanic hosted disseminated copper-silver
o The claims are not subject to the Electrum Agreement

Property 12: FogMess (6,194 has)
o North Veins bulk tonnage low-sulphidation gold-silver
o South Veins bulk tonnage low-sulphidation gold-silver
o FMH Zone copper-gold porphyry
o August gold-silver-pyrite-quartz veins
o Certain claims are subject to the Electrum Agreement

In September 2006, Stealth restructured the Placer Dome-Barrick-Goldcorp option agreement by exercising its ROFR. The Company entered into a new option agreement with BCGold Corp that enables BC Gold Corp to review all data and select three of Stealth's 12 Toodoggone properties on which to conduct exploration. BCGold Corp can earn up to a 75% interest in each of the three properties by providing a bankable feasibility study for each.

To close the agreement BCGold Corp has to subscribe to 2,500,000 shares of Stealth for a total consideration of $500,000 (20 cents per share) and issue 450,000 units of BCGold Corp (each unit = one share plus ½ warrant to purchase one share) to Stealth. The three properties have to be selected before Mar 31, 2007.

Stealth looks forward to working with BCGold Corp who has a very experienced and knowledgeable board of directors, advisory board and management team. We hope to see all three of the selected properties subject to core drilling this season. For information on latest gold prices check NASDAQ INFO.

Bill McWilliam
Chief Executive Officer
December 4th

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